Design and engineering
Efficiency, sustainability and cost-effectiveness for your heating projects
  • We analyse your plant technology and quantify the potential opportunities

  • You receive concepts for using waste heat efficiently

  • We develop advanced solutions for optimum energy recovery and distribution

  • You benefit from our years of experience in the heating technology sector

The more efficiently your heating systems work, the higher their sustainability and profitability. At TMT, we use our expertise, our years of project experience and our leading high-tech product solutions to generate benefits for you at every stage. What this means for you is that all along the process chain of your existing or planned facilities for goods production, heat and bio-energy recovery or heat transfer, we identify the potential for savings and optimisation.

Most importantly, our services and solutions will pay off for you and achieve a return on your investment after just a short time, not least because we can convert your heat and energy losses from existing waste heat into usable energy. We do this by employing an engineering process that takes all parameters into account, both as a whole and in detail, as precisely as possible. On this basis, we can develop optimised, highly efficient solutions for you and implement them on site. You can count on the outstanding quality of our German products and engineering both now and in the future, as we ensure that all the relevant regulations and guidelines are complied with in full.

Our service includes
  • Concepts for using residual energy and recovering available heat
  • Feasibility studies and verification of economic efficiency
  • Design and planning of heat exchangers, district heating networks, systems for refrigeration or electricity generation
  • Project support or turnkey project management in cooperation with selected partners
  • Commissioning and operator training
  • Support in processing formalities and grant applications