Bio-energy recovery from TMT – maximum efficiency
Efficient use of heat from cogeneration plants
  • Local and district heating networks

    to heat buildings

  • Heat buffer storage

  • KRING-TWT heat transfer stations

  • Compact drying units

Whether you operate a biogas facility with a connected cogeneration plant or a biomass heating plant that uses wood chips, pellets or the like, you will be generating heat and waste heat. We can help you to make optimal use of this.

As a specialist in heat recovery, we can develop solutions that will maximise the efficiency and economy of your existing or planned biomass plants. We use detailed calculations to design partial or full concepts and implement them from start to finish.

This can include, for example, constructing highly profitable district heating networks for supplying heat to entire residential areas. You can use the thermal component of cogeneration or the thermal energy obtained from burning renewable agricultural materials to heat buildings. Our end-to-end solution contains all the components you need, from supplementary heating and heat buffer storage through to compact and intelligent heat transfer stations in the buildings and much more besides.

Alternatively, and especially when heat demand is low, you can use the heat produced to dry wood chips and increase their heating value or to dry out grain in order to prevent mould. Other options include using heating and cooling units to convert heat into cooling energy for air conditioning in buildings, cooling food products or controlling the temperature of machinery, to name but a few.

Our service includes
  • Analysis of existing waste heat quantities
    and its suitability for other processes
  • Designs and drafts
    for heat recovery, transfer and control
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Industrial manufacture of installations
    according to the applicable guidelines and legal requirements
  • Installation and commissioning
    on site by trained staff
  • Customer training, after-sales support and service