District heating networks from TMT – intelligent, reliable, highly profitable
Local and district heating networks
  • Flexible solutions

    for all requirements

  • KRING-TWT heat transfer stations

  • LowEx district heating networks

    with minimal energy losses

  • From initial concept to turnkey execution

Are you looking to construct a reliable, profitable local or district heating network to supply heating energy to buildings and building complexes? Do you want to use waste heat from industrial processes or heat from cogeneration plants, for instance? Make the most of our extensive experience and expertise in this field and our wide range of top-quality TMT components.

You can benefit from our well-rounded, highly profitable and highly sustainable end-to-end solutions that include a feasibility study and profitability calculation, technical design and planning, construction project management and turnkey delivery. We would also be happy to implement LowEx district heating concepts for you.

We optimise energy recovery and delivery into district heating networks, work with trusted partners to build supply networks and, in partnership with our subsidiary KRING-TWT, we supply the perfect heat transfer station for your requirements with a power range from 15 kW right up to 500 kW.

Depending on the district heating network concept, drinking water can be supplied by means of a storage tank, continuous-flow heat exchanger or local heat pump. A high-performance TMT thermal management system controls the entire district heating network to ensure reliable supply to end users while facilitating efficient, low-cost energy use. You will always have full control and a complete overview of the functions, energy usage and consumption data.

Our service includes
  • Concepts
    for using residual energy and recovering available heat
  • Feasibility studies and verification of economic efficiency
  • Design and planning of the district heating networks
  • Project support or turnkey project management
    in cooperation with selected partners
  • Commissioning and operator training
    in cooperation with selected partners
  • Support in processing formalities and grant applications
We supply
  • Optimised heat exchangers
    for recovering waste heat
  • Heating and pump stations
    for feeding heat into the network
  • Heat buffer storage
    up to 100 m3 storage volume
  • Heat transfer stations
    with or without drinking water preparation
  • Thermal management systems
    for controlling and monitoring the district heating network

All components are industrially pre-fabricated in modular form for rapid, reliable installation on site, meet the most stringent industrial and quality standards and comply with legal requirements.