Energy concepts from TMT – sharpen your competitive edge
Solutions for heat recovery
  • Improving energy use

  • Optimised solutions for heat recovery

  • Individual plant concepts

Are all the processes and procedures in your company as energy-efficient as possible? Or do you lose some of the precious energy in your value chain, for example through waste heat or residual heat? We develop intelligent energy concepts and individual solutions, optimise energy balances, cover peak demand and, ultimately, boost the efficiency and competitiveness of your company.

We take a detailed look at all energy flows as a whole, analyse the energy use and reveal savings potential. Using these findings, we develop concepts that enable smart exploitation of energy that previously went unused, such as waste heat from flue gases or bio-energy in agricultural enterprises. The energy obtained can be used as conditioned heat for heating materials, installations or production buildings; alternatively, it could be converted into cooling energy for cooling machinery, operating rooms or products (e.g. food), or waste heat can be used to generate electricity. These are just some of the many possible applications.

In addition to clear cost benefits, a further asset is the boost in your company’s sustainability, which is playing an increasingly important part in customers’ perceptions of businesses.

Our service includes
  • Analysis of the existing energy surplus and demand
  • Concepts for recovery and further use
  • Design and planning of optimised systems
  • Delivery of individual solutions
  • Installation and service on site