Industrial waste heat recovery from TMT – cut your costs, boost your efficiency
Industrial waste heat recovery from TMT – cut your costs, boost your efficiency
  • as process heat

    for cooling or power within a company

  • in local and district heating networks

    for heating buildings

Do you make use of the waste heat generated by your company’s industrial production processes? Or has superfluous heat energy always simply been allowed to escape into the environment, e.g. in the form of hot exhaust gases, coolants or radiation and convection from hot surfaces?

You can generate significant cost and efficiency savings by using industrial waste heat intelligently and systematically. And that’s not all: you can even improve your sales figures. By adopting a suitable system for recovering and transporting waste heat and, if appropriate, converting it into other forms of energy, you can considerably reduce or even eliminate the energy required in other areas of your company. Alternatively, you can sell your waste heat via local or district heating networks or have it converted into electricity.

TMT specialises in planning and building industrial waste heat recovery systems. We offer you sound, comprehensive engineering expertise and a wide range of high-performance products. Benefiting from our experience and skills, you get an end-to-end, maximum-efficiency solution that is tailored to your specific processes. We enable you to cut your energy costs, possibly even generate additional income, and significantly improve the sustainability factor in your production processes.

Our service includes
  • Analysis of existing waste heat quantities
    and their suitability for other processes
  • Designs and drafts
    for heat recovery, transfer and control
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Industrial manufacture of installations
    according to the applicable guidelines and legal requirements
  • Installation and commissioning
    on site by trained staff
  • Customer training, after-sales support and service

Recovering industrial waste heat efficiently and reusing it for other process stages reduces the burden being placed on people and the environment and makes for more economical production.